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Boredom, Fear & Wine by Craig Pospisil

When you’re stuck at home during a global pandemic, everything happens online—even therapy. Harper is suffering, and can’t reconcile feelings about the terrifying disease with the monotony of lockdown. Jess tries to be a sympathetic ear, but the session goes off the rails.

Casts and Directors
February 12th - Starring Julie Roundtree & Chris Verleger
Directed by Bob Lively
February 13th - Starring Andrew Conley & Kevin Kearley
Directed by Paul Nolette
February 19th - Starring Ryan Foster & Bob Lively
Directed by Matt Moos
February 20th - Starring Angelique Dina & Sarah Quintiliani
Directed by Megan Ruggiero
February  21st - Starring Jenny Amaral & Pat Rounds
Directed by Jay Are Adams

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